Job And Career Problem Solution

Astrology Can Help With Job & Career Problems

Problems at work or with your career can put a lot of stress on your life. Astrology, however, can help you determine how to improve the planets that affect your everyday life. But keep in mind that just like life has ups and downs, so will your job. There will be times when it makes you happy and makes you stressed. By learning about each rising sign’s unique traits and problems, astrologers can help people overcome these problems with astrological Job Problem solutions.

Which Factors Lead To Problems At Work?

Shri New Durga Jyotish says that different combinations in a person’s birth chart can show the possibilities for both good and bad job outcomes. Here are some essential things to think about:

  • The 10th house, which stands for job and profession in a person’s astrology, is very important. If it has sound planetary effects, it usually means a job that goes well and doesn’t cause too much stress.
  • Rahu and Ketu can make it hard to decide what to do with your job if they affect the 10th house or its ruler.
  • Business Problem and setbacks in one’s professional life are due to the lord of the tenth house in an adverse house placement.
  • Planets bad for you, like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu, can make it hard to get along with coworkers and bosses, hurting your job chances.

These are only some of the things that matter. The most important thing is that our karmas decide what we get. Do good things, pay attention to them, and work hard. Shri New Durga Jyotish can always help you relax. If you want to solve your job Family Problem quickly and effectively, you can use the Job Problem Solution mentioned above.









How Can We Use Astrology To Solve Career Problems And Help Build A Career? 

Some people’s horoscopes make it easy to know exactly what they should do with their lives, while others have to fight to achieve their dreams. With the help of astrology readings and horoscopes, Shri New Durga Jyotish will help you find the answers you’re looking for in your Job Problem Solution. It will also help you improve or start over in your job. Here are some simple and successful astrology Job Problem Solution

  • Giving crows’ boiled rice is one of the best ways to use astrology to get better. This will help calm down Saturn’s harmful effects. Following Vedic astrology, Saturn is thought to control a person’s job and work, and the crow is believed to represent and stand for Saturn.
  • One of the most popular and efficient astrological Career Problem Solutions for a prosperous career and employment is to offer water to the Lord Sun in a copper vase with jaggery added every morning.
  • Daily recitation of the Gayatri Mantra and the MahaMritunjaya Mantra is recommended for people who want to keep their jobs and those looking for a good work chance.

Professionally, the Sun might have an effect as well. With the Sun in a powerful position in your horoscope’s 10th or 11th house, you will have no trouble landing the job of your dreams. When your Sun is in a favorable position, you won’t have to worry about issues at work.

Know About Government Jobs in Kundali

Everybody wants to work for the government because the jobs are stable and have other perks. A lot of people ask questions about getting a government job in Kundli. People who work for the government should pay attention to the Sun. The chances are better if Jupiter is affecting the Sun.

When Mars is vital in your horoscope, you have a good chance of moving up. Having the Sun in the eighth house is a good sign for a career in government research and development. The placement of the Sun in the tenth house is highly indicative of a career in public service.


Everyone wants to get ahead in life. No one wants to be unemployed and not be great at their job. Also, people work hard for this. Some people work hard and still don’t succeed, while others don’t work hard and succeed. If you’re one of those people who works hard but still needs to get ahead, Shri New Durga Jyotish has a lot of advice for you. By following these astrological solutions, you may fix work-related issues and get the advantages of online astrology consultations for Career Problem Solution.